Company History

Production of cable trays, cable ladders, shelves, racks, cable-carrying systems and accessories for them, as well as related products: grounding systems, tools and other things.

The RIPS company is a new formation among Russian companies. The company is built on new approaches to production that have not yet been applied. Why and why?

The widest range of products multiplied by the range of thicknesses of each product it makes taking orders and placing them in production a rather non-trivial task. In order to create wealth the product range did not affect the final cost, and the consumer I could have received my order earlier and cheaper - we had to take unprecedented measures:

Since 2015, the company has implemented an innovative approach to production and distribution. The work of the manager, as well as the work of the shop, is now largely subordinated to the computer reception system developed by us and placing orders. The system saves the resources of the enterprise (especially human resources) and eliminates conditions that lead to an increase in the cost or delays.

Our team consists of the most experienced highly paid specialists: up to four higher educations from specialists, graduates of the presidential program, published in specialized journals, participants of foreign internships, holders of personal certificates in various fields,... and much,much more.

All this allows us to produce high-quality products of the widest range at a very low price.