Sheet tray system

The system of perforated and non-perforated trays and accessories. The trays in this version are designed in the usual design, which provides high cable loads, reliability and proper aesthetic appearance of the cable route.

"RIPS" — Russian innovative profile systems for your project.

"RIPS" produces, sells and delivers cable trays, cable ladders, cable carriers systems and accessories for them.

Advantages of RIPS systems — Your advantages:

The RIPS Group of Companies creates maximum benefit and convenience for its customers from any areas of activity.

  • High quality

    High quality

  • A wide range of products

    A wide range of products

  • All climatic zones

    All climatic zones

  • Easy and fast solutions

    Easy and fast solutions

  • Automatic calculations of specifications

    Automatic calculations of specifications

  • Non-standard solutions

    Non-standard solutions

  • Four hours from the idea to the series

    Four hours from the idea to the series

  • Efficiency and tight deadlines

    Efficiency and tight deadlines

For project organizations

  1. Wide standard-size range of products solves the problem of laying a cable on any object, selecting the cable tray of the required size, depending on the number and size of the cable used.
  2. Types of coatings for all climatic zones. The possibility of choosing a coating depending on the necessary corrosion resistance of cable ducts to the external environment.
  3. The system of automatic compilation of the cable route specification. It saves time when designing and does the monotonous work of drawing up specifications and estimates for you.
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For installation organizations

  1. High stable quality. The absence of burrs and sharp edges guarantees the safety of the cable, as well as safety during installation.
  2. Non-standard solutions for installation. Using new developments, we offer non-standard installation schemes that allow you to speed up and simplify the installation of the cable route as much as possible, as well as optimize the costs of installation work.
  3. Four hours from the idea to mass production. Using new developments, we were able to reduce the time spent on setting up new products for mass production to four hours. It will take only four hours from the idea \ sketch to the start of serial production of the product.
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For trading organizations

  1. Easy to sell. We keep affordable prices with high quality products, and a special price offer is valid for our dealers.
  2. Efficiency and tight deadlines. A control system is organized for the rapid passage from the application to the production and shipment of products.
  3. Selection of analogues. We will efficiently and quickly select analogues for the complex supply of materials for cable-carrying RIPS systems.

All these advantages have already been appreciated by our regular customers, partners, dealers.

We offer high-quality products, high service and convenience of work.